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Christa Mae is a photographer and retoucher based in Culver City, CA.  Whether creating commercial or personal work, her inspiration comes from a desire to explore the connection between the natural and man-made worlds.  People, product and still life are photographed as objects of design, which is demonstrated by her choices of lighting, color, shape, focus, motion or lack thereof, to expose the mystery and magnify the wonder of the world that surrounds us.

Christa has been shooting since she was 12 years old.  Her desire to look closely; to investigate the details, comes not only from time spent surrounded by nature growing up in a small Ohio farm town, but also from thick familial accents, dance instruction and a deep interest in other cultures.  She has studied figure skating, Indian and Balinese dance; participated in exchange programs to both Brazil and The Faroe Islands as well as speaks Portuguese, French and basic Spanish.  All these experiences have nurtured and expanded her creative vision and continue to do so to this day.

She holds a BA from The Ohio State University and received her formal training in photography from Santa Monica College in California.  Her work has been a part of several juried exhibitions, both national an international.
** Samples of her retouching work are available upon request **